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Homeless Providers

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Diaper Assistance

Utility/Rent Assistance

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Strategic Plan

The Strategic Plan is to guide and help coordinate services to end homelessness in the Yuma County area. YCEH will do this by

    • Maintaining a Coordinated Entry Assessment system to address housing referrals and services to individuals that are homeless/at risk of homelessness.
    • Conducting annual Point in Time counts throughout Yuma County to get a snapshot of how many people are experiencing literal homelessness on the streets of Yuma County.
    • Identify Gaps in services provided and service delivery to individuals experiencing homelessness and coming up with a plan to remedy the gaps experienced.
    • Recruit individuals of Yuma County to participate and help end Homelessness in Yuma County
    • Identify and address any inequalities based on Social Justice and Racial Equity in the community to ensure the highest quality of care and support is provided
    • Include individuals with lived experience in all planning states of the coalition
    • Facilitate trainings and meetings within the community to make the general public aware of services available
    • Facilitate coalition member trainings to bring awareness to an array of topic such as housing first, Trauma informed Care, Fair Housing, etc.