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Homelessness is unacceptable in Arizona. All individuals and families have the right to safe, affordable housing in healthy communities with access to a network of supportive services.

YCEH serves as the Local Coalition to End Homelessness (LCEH) the coordinating body for efforts to end homelessness in Yuma County. YCEH coordinates and oversees implementation of the following strategies and activities to address homelessness in Yuma County:

  • Establish a forum to involve, coordinate, educate and share knowledge between local stakeholders in Yuma County regarding local efforts to end homelessness
  • Identify homeless housing services, and resource needs
  • Develop, implement, improve and maintain local resources including but not limited to outreach, homeless shelters,
  • Identify individuals that are homeless or at risk of homelessness to address their needs and coordinate appropriate services.
  • Increase access and coordination with other mainstream resources to promote housing stability.
  • Use local data to evaluate and improve performance of homeless service system and inform local planning and decision making officials within Yuma County.
  • Implement and maintain local Coordinated Entry System including regular Yuma case conferencing and service coordination meetings
  • Oversee use of Yuma By Name List provided by ADOH to prioritize housing and supportive service placement and coordination through the coordinated entry system.
  • Conduct annual local point in time (PIT) count in alignment with Balance of State Continuum of Care (BOSCOC) and HUD requirements
  • Provide feedback to Balance of State (BOS) efforts through participation in BOS committees, working groups and other forums.
    • Key items and roles will include
      • participation in state wide and local planning
      • sharing local information about homeless household needs and sub-populations in Yuma
      • identifying and communicating county wide service gaps and barriers
      • have representatives from Yuma participate on statewide committees within the BoS-CoC
    • Communicate with stakeholders on local and statewide efforts, strategies and initiatives to end homelessness.


The Yuma Coalition to End Homelessness is a collaboration of community-based resources responsible for planning and coordinating homeless housing, services and assistance resources and services effectively and efficiently in Yuma County.  The Yuma Coalition to End Homelessness assists in the coordination, development and evaluation of housing and services for homeless and at-risk of homeless persons with housing needs through planning, education and advocacy in Yuma County.

What We Do

YCEH assists in the coordination, development and evaluation of housing and services for homeless and at-risk of homeless persons with housing needs through planning, education and advocacy in Yuma County.


The mission of the Yuma Coalition to End Homelessness is to end homelessness within Yuma County.  It will do this through a seamless and collaborative network, sharing experience and knowledge, and by assisting eligible entities in obtaining the necessary resources and support needed to help vulnerable, low-income individuals and families attain and maintain economic self-sufficiency.

Our Structure

YECH is a forum for community consensus on needs and service delivery, but does not provide direct services. If you have questions about direct services, visit the I Need Help page.

Leadership – Yuma Coalition to End Homelessness will elect its leadership from its membership. At minimum the LCEH will elect a Chairperson, Vice Chairperson and Secretary to oversee and document meetings. Officers will serve term of 2 years. Yuma Coalition to End Homelessness will accept nominations for leadership roles and conduct annual elections at their annual meeting in November with terms starting in January of the following year. Chairperson will host and facilitate meetings and be spokesperson for Yuma Coalition to End Homelessness. Vice Chairperson will preside over meetings if the Chairperson is not available. The Secretary will maintain minutes and other official documents of the meeting and meeting attendance logs.

Members consist of a representative from an organization or any person from the general public who is not affiliated with any current member. Members must participate in 75% of the annual YCEH meetings and actively participate in a minimum of one supporting committee aside from or in addition to Case Conferencing. To request a support/recommendation letter from YCEH individuals/organizations must be an active member in good standing

The Yuma Coalition to End Homelessness began back in 1997 and was originally called the “Housing Alliance Partnership” and was a forum for local homeless providers to network by sharing resources, information and details of new programs. In May of 2003 the City of Yuma took over the lead and through a group decision renamed themselves as “The Greater Yuma Continuum of Care Coalition”. As time has gone on the name has been simplified to the “Yuma Coalition to End Homelessness”. Every two years YCEH elects new officials and the leads based on volunteers and votes. Currently YCEH is being managed by Achieve Human Services.

Elected Officers


Achieve Human Services

Lucia Wilson



The Secretary

City of Yuma

Kassandra Granados

Committee Chairs

Case Conferencing/HMIS/Coordinated Entry Committee (CC/HMIS/CE)

Achieve Human Services

Lucia Wilson

Strategic Planning Committee

Community Member

Michelle Smith

Membership Committee

The Living Center Recovery

Carlos Flores

JEDI Committee (Justice Equity Diversion Inclusion)


Point in Time Count(PIT) Committee (ad hoc)

Salvation Army

Amber Herzog