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Homeless Providers

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Membership Committee

Membership Committee

  1. Committee designated to building the membership in the coalition to have the best collaboration efforts in ending homelessness in the community.
  2. membership in the YCEH is open to any organization or individual that embraces the mission, values, and goals of the YCEH. The organization or individual must have an interest in understanding and addressing the issues related to homelessness, and a desire to participate in some way in the most current YCEH approved strategic plan to end homelessness in Yuma County.
    • Voting opportunities will be brought forth to the membership, including leadership elections, and other official YCEH business. Voting rights will be assigned to one individual within each member organization, as designated by that organization.  An individual member not associated with an organization shall be assigned one vote.


To become a member and remain in good standing, an organization must:

  • Attend a minimum of 75% of the YCEH meetings as documented by sign in sheets.
  • Participate in one committee or work-group of the YCEH during the calendar year.
  • If agency is a housing service provider, a representative from the agency must regularly participate in the monthly PCCEH HMIS / Case Conferencing / Coordinated Entry Committee meetings.